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Forced to use vacation days

I am a salaried supervisor at a food distributor. Our busy season runs from October through March. During this time of year it is not uncommon to work 60+ hours a week. Our pay is based on 40hrs, but we are expected to work 45. We get paid for our time if we have to come in on a Saturday, but many weeks we are at 55-60 hours by Friday. This equals hundreds of hours of time not getting paid for. I have figured it’s about 2-3 months of 40hr work weeks extra time we give. And that’s not even my beef. During busy season I know what I’m in for.
During the slow season(April-September) is where I have my beef. There are Friday’s that THE COMPANY shuts down production. But they “offer work” to the salaried supervisors come in for 3-4 hours or be forced to use a vacation day. Again, we are at 40-45 hours by the end of Thursday.
So my question is, is a company allowed to take a full 8hr vacation day from your PTO(paid time off) bank when you have reached your minimum weekly hours, you don’t go in for the 3 hours of “offered work”, and THE COMPANY shuts down production for the day?

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