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Forced sick leave.

I am injured, awaiting workers comp. Cannot get imaging done on my shoulder injury until w/c claim has gone through, so I do not know the extent of my injuries. I have been working the whole time, since the injury occurred, with the exception of three days, two of which were do to an unrelated illness. I asked to leave early today and was told I was going to have to try and tough it out, because they are noticing a pattern. They've consistently ignored the doctors light duty order, to the point where I am in pain, not only during, but hours after my shift ( that is WITH pt assigned stretches, and adequate hot/ cold compresses). At this rate I feel as if the injury not only won't heal, but that it's getting worse. I want to call out of work tomorrow, and possibly until I know the extent of my injuries, but don't want to have to use up all of my sick leave for a work related injury. I guess what im asking is, can they force me to use my sick time, or are there an precedents set by similar cases? I dont even care if I get paid for the time off, I just don't want to further my injury, or face repercussions. A threat of termination was very loosely formed during the conversation, and now I'm freaking out. I can't afford to be out of work completely, and who would hire an injured party? I Know I kind of ranted, and probably didn't paint the clearest picture of the situation, but thanks for any responses, I'm truly appreciative.

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