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Fired from new job after relocating to Massachusetts

Hello. I took a job in Massachusetts after leaving my old job, moving to this state, finding an apartment and all the other stuff you do when you relocate to a new state. Then they fired me after four weeks because I was late a couple of times for work. Can an employer just fire you in Massachusetts after relocating you to this state? It seems crazy. Now I have no job, and I lost my other job. I have to relocate all over again.

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As you may know, in Massachusetts, the general rule is that at-will employees can be fired for any legal reason.   However, it's possible that you may have recourse, depending on your situation, how you were fired, how you were induced to come to Massachusetts, etc.  Obviously, if you had a contract, the employer can only terminate you in accordance with the terms of the contract.  In some cases, Massachusetts courts have found that employee handbooks or manuals can create contractual rights and require employers to terminate employees only in ways that meet the terms of that "contract."  Also, if the employer recruited you from your old job with promises that it then broke, that could create a cause of action. This is all just guess-work on my part.  If you feel you were treated improperly or that your rights were violated in some way, talk to a MA employment law attorney.  Good luck.

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