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Female, married 35 years going to a divorce mediator for the first time.

What questions should I ask at our first visit?

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Hello, I am a professional mediator; I can help you with your question. Don’t tense so much and keep calm.

Questions that you ask from divorce mediator at your first visit are given below:

• Are you certified in basic mediation, divorce mediation, and/or any other areas?

• What firm, agency, or organization is your certification from? Ask to see a copy of the mediation certificate(s).

• Did your training include an apprenticeship or co-mediation period?

• How many divorce cases have you mediated?

• How much experience do you have in divorce mediation?

• How and why did you become a mediator?

• How long are the divorce mediation sessions?

• What is your mediation style?

• How much will divorce mediation cost?

• Have you completed a basic mediation course? Advanced courses in divorce mediation? How many hours of training were required?

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