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Feel coerced into terms at temporary orders hearing

Yesterday, Feb 23rd, my husband's attorney threatened criminal charges of a sexual nature against my boyfriend if I didn't agree to no overnight guests on my temporary orders. We were watching tv in my room and my daughter fell asleep at the bottom of the bed. I carried her to her own room; however my husband's attorney mentioned sleeping with a minor and a month ago my husband threatened to accuse my boyfriend of sexual misconduct. Nothing of the sort has ever happened and my daughter did not spend the night in bed with us. My attorney got scared and told me to sign it because adultery is still on the books as a crime. I feel like I was threatened and bullied into adding this to my agreed terms. What should I do?

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Sorry, but I have no opinion that I can share with you.  You can press your current attorney for more information about the agreement you made and ask how he or she sees this issue playing out down the road.  Or, if you don't have faith in what your attorney is telling you, pay for an hour with another divorce attorney and ask her opinion on the matter.  You may discover that you wish to change attorneys.  Good luck.

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