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Failure to provide performance review

When I was hired I was told that I would have a performance review after 90 days and that after the review my salary would be increased. The HR representative went so far as to use this as a bargaining chip to get me to sign on, saying, "Well the starting pay is this much, but that will go up to this much after 90 days when you've had your performance review."

90 days came and went and I was not given a review or a raise. After ten months of employment, I was laid off due to "budgetary cuts" having never been given a review or raise at all. I do know that my performance always exceeded expectations and my work resulted in a proven increase in revenue for the company, so poor performance was not an issue. The day that I was laid off, the director assured me that it was nothing that I'd done wrong, that I'd done an "excellent job" with my work and that the company really simply had to make budgetary cuts.

Do I have a case against my former employer for the amount of money that I should have been paid following the promised review?

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Sorry, but I can't even offer a guess on that one.  It sounds like you had some kind of verbal understanding with an employee of the company, and that understanding induced you to take the job.  It also sounds like the understanding included some specifics (how much your raise would be and when you would get it), so I can't dismiss your question as frivolous.  Assuming we are talking about thousands of dollars here, it might make sense to run this past an employment law attorney.  He or she will be able to give you a much more definitive answer and may be willing to write a demand letter.  On the other hand, if your former employer is not willing to settle, it is hard to believe that the difference in pay is enough to justify very expensive litigation.  Good luck.

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