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Extend lease for 6 months

Lease is up soon.

I have not been able to find a new place. My mother 75 who lives far away really needs to come live with me now as her partner (his house), Myfor years is becomming more and more agressive she had to call police a few times.
My daugher would help but she also has to move and find a place over the next month or two at the most .

I have an income here and can add my mother. I have to secure housing and return to convince her to move. I would like time to find a one bedroom in a gated community that would give me the chance to swith to a 2 bedroom.

Very stressful as few options so would like to do right thing here. I dont feel it would be a big issue for the landlord to wait as plenty of potential tennants exist.

Is this a reason to talk with a judge? How do I go about this?

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