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Ex girlfriend refuses to vacate my home

My ex girlfriend, who has been living in my house for 2 and a half years, refuses to leave. We broke up in January and she already told me she is entitled to be here because her mail comes here and that if I don't like it I should leave. She pays no rent, doesn't help with any utilities. She doesn't clean, let's her dogs climb all over the furniture, doesn't clean the catboxes, doesn't do any housework whatsoever. Dishes and spoiled food are left in the sink for days. The backyard is full of dog waste because she doesn't pick that up either. Every time I ask her to leave or what her plans are she becomes verbally abusive and confrontational. She has threatened me, she has hit me, spit on me, dumped a bucket of water on me while I was trying to sleep. Just last week she keyed my truck. I didn't see her do it but saw her walking away from the truck and discovered the damage later. She knows to do just enough to not get arrested. She harasses me and basically makes my life a living hell. From everything I have read the law is on her side. Of I go the eviction route I'm facing possibly months more of this hell. The police weren't much of a help when they came for the truck keying incident. They said there need to be 3 such incidents to get a restraining order. Any advice is much appreciated. I don't think I can take this much longer.

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