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I am on a lease with my adult daughter. She has also had her own lease for a year since she turned 21. I am listed as head of household. Due to circumstances I am "transferring" my lease to a one bedroom because I can no longer live with her. The management office has assured me that I am allowed to do this whether she agrees or not bec I am head of household. If she doesn't move out at the end of the month, management said they come and change the locks so she is forced to leave. My question(s) are 1) can they legally do that or do they have to go through an eviction process? 2) If they do have to go through eviction is that in any way tied to me? I have a new lease and have been assured that the old lease will no longer exist after the 31st. PLEASE help...I need to make sure that if she has to be formally evicted that it will be on her record only?? Thank you

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