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Evicting a couple from a room they rent in my apartment

I rented out a room in my apartment to a woman for $100 a week. A few weeks later she asked if her boyfriend could move in as well after his dad kicked him out. He was to pay an additional $50 for his portion. The problem is he can't pay me since he lost or quit his job. Now his girlfriend is coming up short on rent regularly. This week she gave me only $20 out of the $100. Their response to my inquiries about rent is "sorry but this is the best we can do and if you don''t like it evict us". Plus she has her 5 year old daughter come for visits on the weekends without permission. There was never any lease. Just a verbal agreement. Do I really have to go through a whole long court eviction process? Or can I give them a week to leave by a leaving a written note on their door? I really don't have the money for court costs.
Please help. It has become uncomfortable living in my own home!

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Submitted Fri, 01/20/2017 - 11:04

Unfortunately, when you take on tenants (even as roommates) you become a landlord and have to follow all the rules that that requires. When someone doesn't pay their rent, you have to serve them with a 14-day notice to quit (not just a note on the door) and then file an eviction case if they refuse to leave. There is no other way to get them out. Any other attempt to force them out will be an illegal self-help eviction, which would make you liable for three months rent AT A MINIMUM (plus likely their attorneys fees). Additionally, unless you had a specific agreement that the tenants couldn't have overnight guests without permission, then he can legally have any guests over that he wants.

Atty. David Owens

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