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Employer not paying

I am in IT and got recently hired by a company on their w2 to work on their client's project for duration of 6 weeks. amount of work was more than the time frame they hired me for. client said in 5th week that they will extend another 6 weeks so i did not go out and find another project. Now this company who's W2 i am on had signed contract for 6 weeks. They asked me to wait for extension. I was fine with it. They told me on friday of 6th week that on Monday i will definitely get extended and i can continue the work. They kept on increasing their day to next day limit. Now i am in second week of wait and i am not getting paid. their client and them are saying that they definitely want to extend me but not ready to pay me for the time required to get approval. Can i legally claim any compensation for this time?

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