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Employee owed paycheck

I am owed a paycheck for PT work by a small business currently planning to file for bankruptcy. I worked for this company as a FT employee for over 5 years, then left to pursue higher education. A few years later, this summer, the owner asked me to cover for him PT while he went on vacation, was completely out of touch, and now blames me for losing a client while he was away and our professional relationship is destroyed. He now refused to pay me for my time and I feel I am owed about $600 as we had agreed ahead of time. All this was under the table, verbal, and I was not an official employee during this time. Is there any way I can get paid for the time I worked?

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If your former employer really does file bankruptcy, your options are very limited indeed.  You could try filing a wage complaint with the attorney general's office.  If he does not actually file for bankruptcy, go ahead and sue in small claims court for the money.  We have several posts discussing the small claims court option.  Good luck.

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