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Emancipation if a child is out of school and is working full time but still living with mom.

My husbands son flunked out of collage in 2013 and he and his mother did not inform us and told our family members that he was still in school. Becoming suspicious we submitted a subpoena to his college and confirmed his exit in 2013. He has been working full time at a construction firm earning 400.00 weekly. We went to court, the ex-wife did not show up for the Modification/ending of child support. We also asked the judge for reimbursement of child support for the time he started to work full time. He signed off on the Modification and the repayment.

The ex in turn did hire an attorney and we went back to court, however the Judge that was over our first date retired and a new Judge was assigned. He drilled our attorney, dismissed the fact he was working full time, dismissed that it stated in the Divorce that each parent should keep the other informed of emotional, physical, and educational issues. The new Judge then tore up the first Modification in front of us determining she must pay us back from 2014 to May 2015. Should we appeal?

Both attorney's and of course me and my husband was stunned.

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