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Elder abuse and removal of unwanted relative from house

15 years ago, my parents (then 75ish) let my sister move in with the when she was evicted from her apt of 10 years. she is agoraphobic, panic disorder and anxiety and has not function in society for 35 years. from day 1 she was bossy, pushy and verbally abusive. it has gotten worse and worse over the years. my mother passed away a few years ago but my father refused to throw her out. saying he could handle it. now he is 92 and has lost his mental capacity. I have recently been awarded gaurdianship with the specific task spelled out in the order to " use any and all legal processes to remove my sister from his house". Since her continued abuse has only been emotional badgering and there is no physical evidence, I have not had any success with local elder services. She has never paid any rent. she turned 60 this month so we are now going to try have her evaluated as a danger to herself. She has not been to a doctor for 20 years other than once a few years back when she had to be sedated after a severe panic attack. she is on 40 mg of valium and other drugs and gets them filled by her psychiatrist whom she has never seen in person. We have called police several times when we visit and she is screaming at my dad at the top of her lungs but she always calms down so they haven't done anything. Well now that I have guardianship , I want to act on my fathers behalf and don't know how to get her out of the house. My father is currently staying with another sibling but he wants to go home. We have hired an elder lawyer who helped us with the guardianship but even he doesn't know how to get here out? any suggestions? Thanks

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