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Driving w/out a license - subsequent offense

Hi, I am hoping someone can help answer a question for me. My sons father is on probation out of 3 counties. Recently he was arrested for shoplifting and driving without a license. He has suspended time out of all counties and recently served 6 mos for a stolen MV. He has a long criminal record. He fought for probation and got it after being denied as the judge didn't think he was "probation material" also he is a drug addict and the court released him to a halfway house, he failed to complete and is homeless. Is is likely they will give him his suspended time which is 2 yrs or another chance at a house. Thank you

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Dear Mecdsm11: People on probation should not be committing new crimes without some consequences; breaking any laws is considered violation of the terms of probation. Judges however, are aware of the serious overcrowding in the jails, and are sometimes reluctant to impose incarceration on non-violent probationers because of the likelihood that they will be released by the correctional system because of the overcrowded conditions. I'm not sure what your motivation is. Do you want him to get help for his addiction? Are you worried for his safety because he's homeless? Or, do you just think he deserves to be behind bars? Regardless, his probation officer is supposed to be keeping an eye on him and keeping the court informed of any further criminal activity. So, you have a few options: 1-you can contact his probation officer and see if the court imposes any further sanctions or conditions; 2-you can try to convince him or a family member that he needs treatment for his substance abuse and get him "sectioned" (involuntarily sent to a treatment facility); or 3-you can ignore the situation and let it play out to whatever outcome results from his continuing bad behavior.  I hope it works out for you.

I think the man should be put in jail till he recovers from addiction and also realize his mistakes

I agree, i thinks it is the best way...

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