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double ticket

on jan 22 of this year i revived a 100 citation for posession of marijauana and parifenelia for an empty bowl and grinder i was in school and the school searched my truck then sent the stuff to the pd they pd called and had me come and get a regular civil citation ticket i paid it to make it go away
then i got a ticket for faiuler to stop at a stop sign, failure to slow, and a estimated 36 in a 35 i didnt stop it was my fault, but i did hit the brakes just didnt stop
then on saturday i got pulled over for a double lanes violation when i never left my lane the cop wanted to search me so he said it smelled and asked if i had anything i gave it up. and got charged with a civil citation for double lines and some weird town of dunstable print of thing for the possesion
the posession thing is different this time it is a town thing so does this not effect my licence or if i just pay them will i lose my licence, do the marijauana citations effect my licence? the cop almost told me to fight the double line but i dont want to miss a days pay and have to go to court for it i need my licence for my job as well, also going back and talking to the cop? and the 3 civil citation rule? will i lose my licence

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