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Doing unpaid work for the boss on my vacation days

For the last 16 years I have been my boss's dogsitter, unpaid (it started as a "favor" and has become a regular gig). She sometimes schedules me to have vacation days during weeks when she will be away and in need of a dogsitter. I have never objected because I still have enough vacation days to use for myself, but a friend thinks this scheduling practice (having me do unpaid favors/work on vacation time) is a violation of labor laws. Any thoughts? I should add that I do love the dogs and she has said "You don't have to do this if you don't want to," but it's awkward to refuse because I don't want to give the impression of not loving the dogs anymore.

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My personal opinion is your situation does not relate to labor laws. I am not a professional. It seems your relationship with your employer is personal when it comes to dogsitting; it appears to me your relationship as employer/employee has nothing to do with the dogs. Even if you ask for pay to sit for the dogs it would not engage labor laws that relate to your a boss that pays you for hire, pays payroll taxes, benefits etc. Seems to me you can quit or ask for pay to dog sit; its on your time, not on your employers clock, vacation or not. If you sacrifice your time and pay for the dogs you love it is on you. No one owes you anything. You volunteer. Sixteen years of volunteer work that now seems unreasonable to you and your friends. It has nothing to do with the dogs.

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