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Does Massachusetts law require severance pay or packages?

I was laid off last week by a manufacturing company in Massachusetts. As a severance package they offered me two weeks pay and I think that's not right since I worked there for over ten years. Two weeks severance pay for ten years of work is an insult as far as I'm concerned. Does MA law require any type of severance pay? If so, is it based on how long you worked for the company? I am not part of a union and I have no contract that requires severance pay or other benefits after being laid off. Thanks for any help.

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No, Massachusetts law does not require severance pay or packages.  Typically, employers will offer severance pay because they want to ease the transition, they want their current employees to believe the laid off employees are being treated equitably, and/or because they hope, by paying severance packages, to limit law suits based on discrimination or other causes of action that may, rightly or wrongly, be brought against them.  Sometimes, employers offer severance packages with strings attached, such as a promise not to work for the competition or reveal trade secrets. But, I 'm sorry to say, you are not entitled to severance pay under the law of this state.  For more general information about Massachusetts employment law issues, visit our Employment Law Forum. 

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