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Does Lawyer or client decide whether to take settlement of injury case in MA?

So I have a lawyer already and I'm in the middle of my personal injury case. The lawyer has been "negotiating" with the other lawyer for the insurance company for a couple of months. We did some discovery and my lawyer keeps talking about settling the case at numbers that seem way low to me. So I worry that this guy is going to accept a settlement offer without telling me and that I'll be stuck with it. Can he do that? Thanks.

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As discussed in this prior post, the client is the one who decides whether to accept a settlement offer, not the
attorney.  The lawyer has an ethical obligation to discuss settlement offers with you, as part of the duty to keep
the client informed.  Beyond the ethical obligation, while it might be possible for an unscrupulous lawyer to fail
to discuss an offer that he should have brought to the client, there is no way for the attorney to accept a
settlement offer without the permission of the client.  No defense counsel will take the attorney's word for it: 
She will want the plaintiff/client's signature on the settlement papers.  Hope that helps

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