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Does denying relocation to take care of a parent violate Family Responsibilities Discrimination Protection?

I work for a very large company with offices in Burlington, Massachusetts.

Earlier this year, Feb/March 2017, I informed my manager that my wife and I would need to relocate to Houston, TX, in order to care for my mother. This particular company also has offices in Houston, TX.

As the time drew near, my wife and I were making preparations and plans. This included arrangements for my wife to transfer to her work's Houston office, and declining renewal of our apartment lease.

In May I was informed that my manager's manager said I could not relocate, and that having the role in Houston was "not strategic."

The company has an office in Houston, and I could have traveled back and forth between Houston and Burlington. But still my manager's manager denied the request.

Now, the company has effectively forced me out of my job - because in order to be able to move to Houston to take care of my mother, I would have to find a new job.

Does this action by the company violate the Family Responsibilities Discrimination protections?

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