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Does the condo association have to include unit owners?

I purchased a condominium in the state of Massachusetts and in the bylaws it states that it will be managed by a condominium association.

The wording that I now find concerning is this;
"Associtation shall mean XX condominium association, and she'll have the same meeting as "organization of the unit owners" as defined in Chapter 183A, Section 1, of the General Laws of Massachusetts, I.e. " the association used by the unit owners and used by them to manage and regulate the condominiums."

When these condos were constructed the construction owner basically created a condo association giving the organization full power over the condo units. There are no owners on the association. The owners never voted on the association.

The Condominium Association does have a board and all of their terms expired in 2012. This was documented on the most recent paperwork that they needed to submit for the non-profit Condominium Association that is overseeing the units. Yes, they have a not-for-profit status on the Condominium Association where all the board members are the original Construction Company owners.

How legal is this? Are they permitted by Massachusetts state law to not involve any unit-owners at any time? Thank you for your help.

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