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Do women collect higher SSDI payments than men?

Hello. I like your forum and thanks for the info. Just a question about the amount men get in SSDI payments compared to women. It seems like from talking to people I know and have met on chat rooms that women collect more in SSDI benefits than men. Is that possible? It seems like everyone should get the same amount. Thanks.

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It's funny:  Everyone seems to think someone else is getting higher SSDI payments than they are.  I've had similar questions asking if men get higher Social Security Disability payments than women.  (They do not.)  However, the answer to your question is no.  Although the amounts paid to recipients varies widely, the calculation of payments has nothing to do with gender.

Whether you are a man or a woman, when it comes to SSDI benefits the amount you collect is based on a mathematical formula, not on your gender.  The formula is somewhat complicated, but one of the main factors is how long you have worked and, thus, paid into the system through FICA taxes.  Remember, Social Security Disability was designed as a form of insurance to help disabled persons.  It is not a welfare program.  Hope that helps.


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