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Do not resuscitate order in MA?

Hello. Can you please provide some information about a do not resuscitate order in Massachusetts, how it works and where I can get one? My wife and I are both interested in making one. Thank you in advance.

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Sure.  As you probably know, in many situations, doctors and other medical professionals, including EMTs, are required to take certain steps that people who are near the end of their lives may not want.  For example, if an EMT is called to a home and finds a person in cardiac arrest, she is required to attempt to resuscitate the person.  However, if the person has filled out a Massachusetts do not resuscitate order, and if a caregiver or other person is able to show that order to the EMT, then she will honor the wishes of the person who executed the form.
You can find the form here, along with plenty of helpful information.  The form must be completed signed by the attending physician.  It can also be filled out by an authorized physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner, but in that case, the name of the supervising physician must be on the form.  Good luck.

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