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Do Condo Trustees or Individual Condo Owners Have responsibility For Giving Notice And Exterminating Bed Bugs ?

Because 105 CMR 310.550 does not appear to specifically deal with ten plus unit Condo's and your
website has not yet handled this specific area, I am asking you what your opinion is on who has the
responsibility for giving notice and handling a bed bug infestation that moved from one of two Condo
Bld's to the other probably through the hall rug and laundry area cleaning process in which Bed Bugs
could have travelled from the first infected Condo Bld. to the second Condo Bld. with cleaning materials,
trash and vacuum cleaner and is now travelling from one Unit to other Units probably via the walls and mice
according to the Exterminators hired for the second Condo Unit in the second Bld. that recently became
infected with Bed Bugs. A third Unit in the second Condo Bld. may also have Bed Bugs as of this week.

The Condo Trustee's refuse to accept their responsibility for the common areas in the Condo's and even
made one threat to sue if we posted a notice to all Condo owners. A Bed Bug detecting Dog service has
been retained to go through all Units and common areas in the second Bld.but the Trustees' refuse to
pay any expense for either detection or prevention of future Bed Bug infestations and refuse to pay for
bed bug exterminating services inside the walls and in common areas necessary to prevent further
spread of Bed Bugs.

To what extent do you think the Condo Trustee's who collect monthly fee'sto manage the Condo's and
all Condo problems (at least for the common areas and from what I have been told also between unit walls)
should be legally responsible for providing information on the past infestations and assisting control and
eliminate the present infestation caused by their not stopping Bed Bugs from travelling from one building
to the other Condo building (which are not connected in any way except the same Trustee Association)

If any reader or the Editor has ever heard of a similar situation or knows of any decisions concerning
this specific area of law please be kind enough to post them !

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