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Divorced but am I entitled to inheritance if family member passsed during our marriage

My name is Marisa, I was married in 2004 and divorced in 2010. My husband at the time never came to Divorce hearings and I was finally granted the divorce. The judge judge would be in my best interest to hire a lawyer and bring him back to get him to show financial statements as he never did that. We have four children together and I stopped my career to raise my children at his persistence. Is this a valid motion to be filed or has to much time passed? He is disabled social security pays me essentially what is his child support. However am I entitled to also ask for Alimony at this time. I have a disabled son I can’t return to my job as of yet. Also am in school. On top of Social Security he recieves Veterans Disability or pension. He is 100% disabled and recieves 4500 a month from Va and 1046 from Social Security. He never helps with anything goes years without spending time with them. When he does it is sporadic. He never splits bday parties Christmas holidays school shopping or children’s needs in general is this an option? Also during our marriage his Grandmother assed away. He just received a large sum of money from an inheritance and is waiting on more. Am I entitled to some of this being the death occurred during or marriage? His grandmother lived in me and his Uncle hope to keep this a secret until statute of limitations ran out but he passed away and My ex
Husband was than somehow notified or did some research. Curious as to what the laws are in regards to this situation.
Thank you,
Marisa McAleer

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