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Did I blow my personal injury claim?

I had a car accident that was pretty serious but I felt like I was OK after it happened. So I even told the other driver and a cop that I was OK. Then the next day my neck starts killing me and it really really hurts. I'm going to the doctor this week, but I can barely walk now and I'm wondering if I blew my personal injury claim. If this keeps me from working I'm gonna be in trouble.

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I doubt you 'blew' your PI claim.  First, let me say you are doing the right thing:  Go get yourself taken care of by a doctor.  Find out what is wrong and get some help.  Worry about the personal injury claim later.  It is very common for people to feel OK after an accident but then suffer great pain later, especially with soft tissue injuries, such as damage to the nervous system and connective tissues.  After you see the doctor, if the pain persists, Find a MA lawyer who does personal injury work.  Hope you feel better soon.

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