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Defective Drugs and medical negligence

If I used a drug that has been linked to dangerous side effects and death but I haven't had any symptoms can I still sue or get compensation from the drug company?

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Possibly.  There are many, many drugs out there that allegedly cause dangerous side effects (Yaz birth control, Byetta, Avandia, Chatix, Cipro, Digitek, Heparin, Fentanyl, Gadolinium, Raptiva, NuvaRing, and many others).  In some cases, as people begin to file and win lawsuits, the pharmaceutical company will set up funds to compensate people who claim they have suffered damages as a result of using the drug in question.  Some of these funds are occasionally made available to people who have used the drug but have not yet suffered any side-effects.  The most helpful information I can give you is to contact a medical malpractice attorney in MA and talk to her about your situation.  Good luck.  For more information or to post a question, visit our Massachusetts Medical Malpractice Discussion Forum.

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