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I have a question about income tax deductions. My landlord recently had his taxes prepared by a would-be professional tax preparer and I'm trying to ascertain if the forms were prepared correctly.

My landlord owns two properties, one of which he rents to some long term tenants. There was a boiler or a water heater at the rented property that needed to be replaced last year, at an expense of over $5,000.00 not including labor and installation.

In reviewing the landlords 2011 tax forms, there appears to be a deduction in the amount of about $583.00 Granted it is a deduction but its only about 10% of what it cost my landlord to replace the boiler/water heater.

My question was is that about what my landlord is entitled to claim aa a deduction or was the $583.00 deduction amount computed in error?

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