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Debt collection exemptions in Massachusetts

Hi. Being sued for a prior debt for a loan that I do owe but I have not money or assets right now other than a few personal things and a car. I told that to the debt collectors but they keep saying they have to collect the money. I thought there was some kind of exemption or a some law in Massachusetts that allows me to keep things away from debt collectors up to a certain value? Thanks.

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Yes. In 2011 Massachusetts amended the relevant law (MA General Laws Chapter 224, Section 16) to increase property exemptions. Now, even if a debtor is sued and the creditor or debt collection agency obtains a valid judgment, the creditor cannot collect the debt by attaching certain exempted property. The idea, of course, is to insure that debtors are left with what they need to survive and continue on as a productive members of society. The new exemptions include: (1) your rent, up to $2,500 per month; (2) heating, electrical, and water bulls, up to $500 per month: (3) an automobile that is valued under $7,500 (or $15,000 for those who are disabled or 60 years or older); (4) case or a bank account up to $2,500; (5) wages equal to 85% of gross wages or 50 times the hourly minimum wage per week; (6) up to $5,000 worth of tools that the debtor uses for her business; (7) a stove and refrigerator; and (8) one computer and television per household. Hope that helps.

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