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Debt collection after bankruptcy discharge

I went through bankruptcy and got my debts discharged. Over the last couple of weeks I've received two calls from two different debt collectors who work for the same agency, trying to collect on a debt that was discharged in my bankruptcy. So when I asked these guys about it and whether they can try to collect a debt like that after a discharge they get very vague and start talking about my obligations and my future ability to get a loan from the company they represent. Is this legal and if, as I think, it's not what can I do about it?

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No it is not legal.  As you know, once a debt is discharged by the bankruptcy court, it is gone.  The discharge turns the automatic stay into something akin to a permanent injunction that prohibits creditors form trying to collect the debt.  It's interesting the way the debt collectors chose their words so carefully.  I'll bet that they also do not send you anything in writing.  They do not want anything in writing, or in their spoken representations, to give you ammunition to go after them under the federal or state fair debt collection laws.

You might bounce this off an attorney who practices in the area of fair debt collection.  I believe both the federal and state acts have provisions for attorney's fees and statutory damage.  Or you can call the Massachusetts Attorney General's office to lodge a complaint.  A bit of interest from the AG might discouraged the credit collectors in question from bothering you again.  Hope that helps.

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