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I had a judgement against me in plymouth court about 12 years ago for a debt. There is a collection agency now trying to collect it, as well as fees ( now adds up to an outrageous amount) What are my options?

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Submitted Fri, 03/17/2017 - 10:08

Unfortunately, when a judgment is entered against you, it automatically starts accruing 12% interest from the date it is issued. The debt collector likely bought this debt for only part of what it is worth, so they will probably be willing to negotiate the amount. If you never received notice of the original judgement, and no prior attempts were made to collect on it, you may also be able to seek to have the judgement removed if it was by default.

If you don't come to an agreement with the debt collection firm, they will have to file a new suit to enforce the judgement if they are not the original owner. IF they are the original owner, they can seek executions from the court that would allow them to seize and sell property and bank accounts, or to garnish your wages.

Sometimes having an attorney negotiate on your behalf can demonstrate that you are serious about fighting and negotiating the debt and make it easier to settle for less than what is owed, but a judgement is good for up to 20 years so there may not be much leverage. You may also have assets that are exempt from execution, or be able to protect certain assets going forward.

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