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Dealer can challenge inspection results?

Bought a used 2008 Suburban LTZ for $16,995. The dealership has on line access, told me registration would come to my home and that I could not pick it up at dealership. So a side note; i never had a registration in hand till after10 days then I got the car inspected. It failed the safety inspection-rusted, rotted and modified frame-estimate in hand of $8,000.
This is one issue, that the dealership prevented me from getting the car inspected on time for the "failed inspection lemon law.

My current problem is that the dealer refuses to accept the findings of the inspection. They claim their people all say the frame is fine. They did some small repairs for $550.00, I returned to the original inspection station, it failed again for same reason. Dealership still refuses the findings. The dealership claims they have the right to have a state inspector come in and give an independent finding. I don't know the agency they refer to.

Is this right? Can a dealer refuse the findings of an inspection station? Is there a state agency that will override a rejection sticker for a dealership?

I know there is a way to challenge inspection results for the consumer through the Vehicle Safety and Compliance Service.

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