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Custodial parent moves out of statre

Divorce in MA and all parties lived in MA since divorce. Now that the children are 22 and 20, the custodial parent has moved out of state and the children haven moved in with me in MA. The custodial parent even forwarded their mail to my house. The 22 year old lives with me full time (5 months, since June). The 20 year old attends and lives at full time college. How long do I need to wait to declare that I am the custodial parent and stop child support?
Thank you.

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Generally speaking, when a child support order has been in effect for many years, either party can petition the court to modify the child support order.  Certain grounds, such as a "material change in circumstances" must be shown. If you cannot work it out with your Ex, you should talk to an attorney. Good luck.

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