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Cul de sac boundary laws

I live on a cul de sac. My neighbor had their property surveyed because they were concerned that the extension I did going to the right on my driveway was their property. The extension was a foot to a foot in a half on an angle. Larger at the top and smaller at the bottom. Where I am on the cul de sac the property line Is an angle. My driveway is within my boundary except for a small triangular piece that starts at about 2 inches at the top and is 8 inches at the base. It is about 18 inches long. The survey marker is at the base of that triangle. Both our driveways extend past this survey marker about 8 feet which is considered city property. When I extended The driveway I had their input. They approved the excavation. The excavation was done and sat for 3 months until it got paved, nothing was ever said. Now that it is paved they have a problem. The dispute is happening because my neighbors want to continue that angle all the way into the street. They want that angled 8 feet. They state that they own that piece of property with the city. When I purchased the property it had a two car side by side driveway. Their angle cuts into my original driveway. Can they claim this? What are my rights? We make sure we are not within that triangle when we park but now they don't want us driving over that other 8 feet. This would make my driveway a single entrance. They state they are going to pave over that portion that I had paved last summer. This is a new development and they never said anything to the builder when he put in the original driveway.

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