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Court appointment questions

My wife and I are filing for divorce jointly. We've already signed a separation agreement.

I just received a "Notice of Assignment" in the mail for a court date

1) It says "Proper Dress Required" on the notice. What is considered proper dress? Am I required to wear suit and tie?

2) During the hearing do I have to address the judge as "Your honor"? Do I have to say "Yes, your honor" & "No, your honor" every single time or can I just say "Yes" or "No"?

3) When I got the mail it was already opened (mail box is not secure). Is there supposed to be any other things in this letter other than the "Notice of Assignment"?


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Whenever you are in court, it always helps to look as good as possible and sound courteous and sincere.  Having said that, I doubt the judge requires a suit and a tie.  If you have a suit and tie, wear them.  If not, a shirt with a collar, nice pants and shoes will probably work.  I would always address the judge as 'your honor.'  However, a simple yes or no to any questions will suffice.


As to your last question, I have never practiced in Family Court and have never received a Notice of Assignment, so I can't answer the question.  Simply call the clerk at the court that sent the document and ask them to confirm that you are not missing any paperwork or notices.  While on the phone, you can also confirm the information I gave you re dress code and addressing the court.  Good luck.  For more information or to post a question, visit our Massachusetts Divorce Discussion Forum.


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