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Contempt of court visitation

I have a court order to get my daughter for 4 weeks in the summer. I was told today by her mother that she is not sending her because she doesn't want to come. She has made progress in her mental state and coming here would set her back; she is not treated like family, my wife ruined any relationship we could have had and etc. The X said she has the right to keep her from me if she feels it's not in her best interest despite court order and will take me to court. My hands are tied, I just got a job, I am in a probation period and it's contract so can't jump to do contempt of court because I really need this job. I am also worried because my daughter has made many false accusations against myself and my wife which her mother is feeding into while questioning my love for her. They are on the same page, identical, against me. Can she keep her from me and file to have visitation stop with no evidence of "abuse" other than the lies unfortunately my daughter says? I'm also worried I can't make the court date and have to make sure I get past this probation period.

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