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constant pain/partial paralysis from Total Hip Replacement (THR) - basis for a lawsuit?

Severe, constant pain in R hip and loss of function (paralysis of R-sided external rotators) immediately following and constantly since >3 years s/p R THR.

EMG shows re-enervation of R gluteus medius (indicating nerve was cut). MRI shows complete atrophy of R gluteus medius with fatty infiltration. Physical therapist stated 3 mos post-op that PT was not initiated early enough post-op to effectively rehabilitate R hip and leg musculature. Repeat x-rays over past 3 years show no loosening of stem but does show significant differences in acetabular cup orientation R vs L, and greater offset of R prosthetic vs L. Repeat labs show no infection or metalosis, and there have not been any signs of infection. Measurements (on 2nd and 3rd and 4th opinions) show R leg length to be between 1cm - 1 inch greater than L. PE reveals little-to-no tissue/musculature over R greater trochanter/prosthetic site.

Op note documents taking down of small external rotators but not re-attaching them, and original surgeon acknowledged during last visit that he "doesn't always re-attach the small external rotators".

I have no capacity to externally rotate my R leg - it is effectively paralyzed, and I have a permanent passive internal rotation of my R leg as a result.

Prosthetic is ceramic femoral head on plastic acetabular cup liner.

Please let me know if you can help. I have sought treatment, rehabilitation, and diagnosis for the past 3+ years and have an attorney who will take the case if I can show negligence/cause.

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Sorry about your situation, but I'm not sure what you are looking for. Your question could be three pages long, but you will still need an attorney to review the case to determine whether there was malpractice involved. Since you already have a lawyer, you should talk to him or her. If you do not think the attorney is willing or able to help you, you should contact a different attorney. Good luck.

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