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Condo Board Open Meetings and Minutes

The Board of our condominium association does not post meeting times, nor do they post minutes of their meetings. Decisions are being made that we owners are unaware of until work has commenced. I have requested meeting minutes, contracts, costs of items etc. and have been ignored. According to MA law aren't meetings supposed to be announced and open to the public? Also, shouldn't contracts be available for our viewing? -- (Posted by BFE on the Chat Room.)

Attorney Lisa Sigman posted the following response: Trustees can make certain decisions through meetings without consulting with the unit owners. Check your condominium documents to determine whether the actions you are concerned about are such. As to open meetings, unit owners should be able to attend some, if not all, of the meetings. Again, check your condo docs. You are entitled to see the minutes of meetings, accounting records and some other records. These are listed in Massachusetts Gen Law 183A. The trustees need not provide you with your own copies; they must only make their records accessible to you within a reasonable amount of time after your request. General rule of thumb: more than 30 days is not reasonable.

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