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Collect MA Unemployment While Out of State?

A friend was recently laid off and is filing to collect unemployment from the state of MA. Is this friend allowed to collect if they are traveling out of state or abroad?

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The main criteria for collecting unemployment benefits after being terminated from a job is that one is willing and able to work. Being out of state does not in and of itself make a person unable or unwilling to work. Many people seek work in other states. Without additional information, this is about all that can be said at the moment. Local Lawyer

If I am receiving Unemployment Insurance benefits in Massachusetts and I travel out of the area (such as across the country) for personal non-work-related reasons briefly on a weekend or a legal holiday and get back home before the next business day, is that going to affect my benefits? If so, does it permanently stop my unemployment pay, or does it just mean I can't get the pay for the week(s) during which I am gone for a day or two?

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