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Closing estate in Massachusetts with new probate code

My brother has been appointed the Personal Representative of my father's estate under the new informal proceedings of the UPC. Under this new system how will he go about closing up matters and about how long will that take? Thank you.

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Under the new MA probate code (Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 190B, §§ 3-1003(a)(1)–(3), 3-803, 1-201 (13)), assuming--as you say--that this is not a supervised estate proceeding, your brother will file a verified statement with the probate court in which he states that he has: (1) determined that the period for creditor claims presentation has expired; (2) completed the administration of the estate (with any noted exceptions) and distributed all assets; (3) sent a copy of this verified statement to all distributees, creditors, and known claimants; and (4) furnished a full and complete accounting, in writing, to all distributees.

As for the how long, although assets can be distributed well before the actual closing of the estate, the verified statement cannot be sent until at least six months from the date of the personal representative's appointment.  Also, keeping in mind number (1), above, the statement cannot be sent until the statute of limitations for creditor's claims (one year from date of death) has passed.  Hope that helps.

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