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Citaton - Failure to Use Care when Stopping

My question involves civil rights in the State of: Massachusetts.
Hi Forum,

This is my first ever post and so is my first every accident that i am trying to inquire about.
I rear-ended a car on a very busy afternoon while returnuing from work. The driver just slammed the brakes(he says the guy in front of him did) and i was on the motrocycle behind him and could not stop as the bike skid on a slam of brake by me. I tried to steer away but hit on the rear side of his bumper. All injuries to me and more damage to my bike, his car had a dent.
The office arrived later and documented everything and gave us a report.
After a week, yesterday, i recieved a citation, which basically states CMR 7209.09(a) and Offesnse as "Failure to use care when stopping"
i have learnt from my insurance, that if you rear-end someone its considered ur fault whatever it may be.
I am a resident of NH and this happed in MA state.

Now i want to know the below things please, and I would appreciate all answers or knowledge that the forum members can shed:
a. Does this citation can get me any points on my NH license, when the incident happed in MA
b. If yes, should i contest this, is there any merit in doing so, the assesment is $20 but i am worried about my points.
c. I have one prior speeding ticket also in MASS, but i checked that the first incident you dont get any points.

Any inputs please


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