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Child support withdrawal continues after court order?

On May 31st, the judge ordered the termination of child support. They also said that they would notify DOR and within a couple of weeks, I should see the deductions removed from my check. I would also receive a check for overpayment shortly thereafter. Well, it didn't happen that way. Child support deductions continued past those two weeks. I, therefore, called DOR and they told me that the courts never notified them of the change and asked if I could fax over the judges orders, which I promptly did. Child support came out again. So I called DOR AGAIN, and they said that it takes time for the computer to process everything.
Needless to say, I finally spoke with someone at DOR last week and they told me that it would conclude, however, I won't get reimbursed the full amount dated back to May 31, our court date. I will get back about 1 and 1/2 weeks of over payments back. They said I need to TRY and get the over payments from the other party myself. Is that true? That's 6 weeks of child support that was taken AFTER the court order!! Please advise. Thanks

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