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child support obligations for 18 and 20 yo

I am the non-custodial parent of 18 & 20 year old children. The 18 yo just graduated HS and is not going on to college and will likely continue to live with the custodial parent. The 20 yo is a full time college student who live on campus during the school year, I split the tuition and room and board payments with the custodial parent. I maintain healthcare coverage for all of us. What is my child support obligation?

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Child Support is determined pursuant to the child support guidelines in Massachusetts. The number is based on the respective income of the parents with certain deductions for health, dental and vision insurance along with previously ordered support actually being paid. Contribution to college can be a reason to deviate from the guidelines. Whether your former spouse is entitled to support for both of your children depends on the reasons your 18 year old is not going to college. If you wish for more information or to arrange a consultation with my office, please feel free to visit my web site at Thank you and good luck!
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