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Child or mother should get back child support payments?

If a parent is Paying Back Child Support When Child is Now an Adult, started payments at age 21 when kid still in school. Should these payments be going to the other parent or the now adult child (who has graduated college since the judgement)?

My mother took my disabled dad to court for back child support when i was 21 and still in college. It is a decade past the judgement yet he is still paying her. I'm questioning the legality of the checks going to her and not to me as the adult "child."

I strongly question this because when i was 18 and still in high school for a few more months, my mother forged my name to all of the SSDI checks that started coming in my name from when i turned 18 until when i finished hs.

Is there a law in MA about who the recipient of back child support is when the child is an adult? Could i take my mother to court to start getting the payments in my name now that i am "fully an adult" (ie, out of college)?

Thank you!

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If I understand your question correctly, your mother obtained an order for back child support requiring your dad to pay money to her because of support payments he failed to make while you were growing up.  Child support is intended to cover general living expenses, among other things.  The money your mother is collecting now is intended to reimburse her for the money she spent on food, clothing, shelter, etc. for you when you were a child, expenses that your dad was supposed to help with.  So, no, you are not entitled to that money.

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