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Child left alone

Any advice/ insight for me... I made a rediculously stupid choice the other day. I left my 6.5 year old son home alone (sleeping) while I drove my oldest to high school. It’s a 10 minute round trip that I make every morning however my 11 year old is usually home getting ready for school and my son is rarely if ever awake by the time I get back. This particular morning the 11 yr old had stayed at her grandmothers the night before. And of course my son happened to wake up while I was still gone. It was a dumb move and I HATE myself for doing it. He called me and luckily I was right up the street but he was mad that he was there alone. So after I talked to him I asked him not to say anything to his dad (mistake #2) and then told my high schooler that if He asked to just say we were waiting in the car at the bus stop (a few houses away... mistake #3). Naturally my son mentioned it to his dad then when my daughter said we were at the bus he said he saw us that morning and knew she was lying. HELP!!! My ex husband has tried to get custody before. He wouldn’t hesitate to call child services on me. Is this enough reason for me to lose my kids? I’ve been petrified for days.

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