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Changing executor after estate was thought closed

Hello. My grandmother passed away over 15 years ago. Her estate was dealt with (I assume through probate) and all assets distributed. We thought the issue was closed. Recently, we found lots more assets (stocks) that remain and in order to process the stocks it requires an Executor to do that. Due to the amount of work involved, we’d like to change the executor now. Is it possible at this point to change the Executor and does the original Executor have to “step down” or be removed. Is there somewhere you can point me to on the process to do this?


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Submitted Wed, 04/18/2018 - 10:25

The former executor can renounce his/her right to serve and nominate someone else to serve. It would be best to have the assents of all the interested parties.

It is too late to reopen the old probate or start a new probate, but under the Uniform Probate Code you could petition the court just to allow you the authority to take custody of the additional assets and distribute them according to the will.

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