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Car accident Personal injury

I was in a car 3-4 car accident on 11/18/2013. I was on the highway and wasreared ended and in turn I collided with a car in the middle lane. They hit another car and I was hit once more and was faced the opposite direction of the highway. I was once going north at which now I'm faced south. It was deemed as a no fault accident. 3yrs later today. I received a letter/summons to go to court because one of the drivers is sewing me and another driver for personal injury and damages/pain/anguish. The accident happened 11/18/2013 and the mail came to my attention today which has a date of 1/26/17 date on it from said persons lawyers office. I'm not sure how to respond to the letter. I need to respond within 20 days. I am of course am going to dispute it because I got rear ended. I need legal help and advice.. Please help me

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