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can you rent a room or area in a basement ?

I have a large single family home in Newton,I was wondering if i could rent a room and area in the basement that I do not need that is also accessable to the rest of the house.It has its own parking area and entriyways ?,I do not want it to be an ilegal apartment, but I was told to rent it as a room and it would be fine.The area is finished off rather nicely and I do not need the space ,but rather have the extra income for utilities and my income in my old age now.Thank you in advance !

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I have no experience with renting a room in a single family home, but I do know that the housing and sanitation codes apply to rented rooms.  Accordingly, I would contact your local inspectional services office and ask them to look over the space to see if you can get a certificate of occupancy. 

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