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Can you get into "trouble" for calling in if You dont feel comfortable driving in 15 inches of snow?

I am so curious if they can actually repremand you for calling in advising them that you DO NOT feel comfortable driving to work due to the snow storm that we are currently having AND going to have through out the entire day. That would be putting yourself at risk both ways. I just started this job last monday, today is a week there. Im honestly not a fan of the job but, I dont usually call in sick either. I drive a Camry which is HORRIBLE in the snow and as I look out of the window, Im starting to have an anxiety attack. I just dont do well driving in this type of conditions. I do drive, but we are getting SLAMMED with snow. I work for a insurance claims department, go figure, how ironic! I am not even sure if they call work off for us or not, DOUBT IT. So, to take the issue in my own hands, I would like to know if there is a law stating anything about putting employees at risk in inclement weather conditions. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP! I have 2 hours to figure this out! I cant afford to lose my job already even though I know its not my calling! :) Thank you all!

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