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Can my Business sue another Business using MA 93A?

I own a small business in Massachusetts (incorporated). Can I sue another business using the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Law (93A)?  (Posted by tricked on The Forum.)


Editor's Response:

Absolutely.  Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 93A, Section 11 (Consumer Protection Law) allows your business to sue another business if you can show that (1) the defendant business engaged in unfair or deceptive actions or methods of competition in Massachusetts; (2)these actions caused your business to lose money or property (if you are seeking damages); OR (3) these actions "may have the effect of causing such loss" (if you are seeking injunctive relief). NOTE: Under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 93A, Section 11, a demand letter is not required prior to commencing an action. I think it's a good idea to send one in any case, where practicable.  Good Luck.

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